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Soul Places - a feature length documentary - is a cinematic exploration of the beauty of nature and humanity and the deep connection between soul and place.

When most live in cities, driven by the material, immersed in technology, often unhappy and out of balance. Do ancient cultures hold the key to our liberation?

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Soul Places is a cinematic exploration of humanity’s relationship to nature - the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and beyond - celebrating their beauty, their fragility and the potential danger of becoming disengaged from nature - what this means for humankind.

At a time in history when the vast majority live in huge cities disconnected from nature, unhappy and out of balance, does our cultural heritage hold a key to our liberation? 

Through a visual exploration of the natural world and our deep connection to it, we explore indigenous cultures through ritual and ceremonies, gain insights from elders, philosophers, healers, scientists and authors. 

We explore Sacred Spaces most people will never get to see in their lives and reveal the most magical of environments to reignite a deep sense of awe in our audience.

This film reveals ancient secrets never before shared in global cinema. Showing nature, the source of all life, sharing indigenous peoples connection to the elements, natures healing qualities and quantum solutions to humanity’s struggle in the modern world.

The film begins in the serenity of nature, peaceful, stunningly beautiful, wildly organic and self sustaining, our earth mother in all her splendour... in sync with the universe… a microcosm in the macrocosm.

In contrast the lives we lead have a huge impact - mass population, mass transit, mass production, we’ve become an acquisitive society. Globally we’re lead by consumerism, the compulsive need to work, spend and work ever more - perpetuating a seemingly endless cycle bound by conditioning. 

Thought provoking vignettes pose the question, is humanity happy? Why so much imbalance in our lives? Why is climate change seemingly out of control? How can we reconnect to nature and regain our balance? Can nature help us heal? 

We shine a light on ancient cultures who lived in harmony with the earth for thousands of years, respecting the planet and their place as one with the land. Can their wisdom be integrated in modern ways?

Can we end the great divide between extreme poverty and wealth? What do modern day thought leaders have to share?

We explore consciousness - the art of mindfulness and an awareness of each moment, through ritual, ceremony and connection.

Ultimately this film inspires hope, encouraging its audience to explore and experience their Sacred Spaces in nature and within themselves, to reconnect, find peace, healing and harmony with each other and Planet Earth.

A new paradigm honouring nature and ourselves, living balanced lives, filled with happiness, love and connection, thriving in harmony with our planet for future generations. 

‘When we heal ourselves, we heal the earth’

David Orr


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Wisdom Keepers

-  We'll film more beautiful people and share as the journey continues -