Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman

Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman

Makere's whakapapa / geneology goes back through many iwi / tribal groups of Aotearoa, New Zealand, beginning with Waitaha, a people of Peace from the beginning of time right through to Ngati Te Whiti of Te Atiawa who followed the way of Peace during the height of the colonial wars in the 1800's, and so the circle of Peace is complete.

She was born of a father of English descent and a mother who was of Waitaha/Maori descent. 'Mixed’ marriages were rare in the late 1930’s.

Makere is the oldest of three children, a mother of two, grandmother of two and honoured by many who bless her with the name of Kuikui or Grandmother.

'I consider myself honoured to have been involved in the bringing forth of the oral traditions of Waitaha in both books, the Song of Waitaha and Whispers of Waitaha. The song borne out of difficult times in the 1980’s to ‘heal the people and to heal the land’ as quoted by the elder who initiated this work.

Makere was one of 5 chosen to do this work, for 'Song of Waitaha' was the first time these stories had ever been written. Much had to be done to bring these teachings and wisdoms out into the world of light. 

As with many indigenous peoples who live on beloved Papatuanuku / Planet Earth, the worldview of Waitaha is holistic. Everyone is connected and everything is connected, as such everything that exists, is in relationship with the heavens.

Karakia / prayer and whakapapa / geneology are used to communicate our connectedness to all things, the remembering. It is so important for this to continue and go forward into the future through our mokopuna / grandchildren.

“Learning the inter-connectiveness of the individual into the collective, into the universal, gave the mokopuna the greater gift of understanding the original pattern of Creation” 

'Whispers of Waitaha'