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Soul Places Soul Places - an experiential feature film - explores the deep connection between nature and humanity, specifically the relationship between environmental health and mental health. 

In an unprecedented time when so many are looking for a sense of belonging, does ancient wisdom hold the keys to our salvation?

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Many civilisations have preceded us and collapsed but none have disconnected so far from nature as in our current time.

Science and technology have transformed our lives providing comfort, convenience, speed and mobility but with these rapid and expansive changes there has also been an increasing imbalance.

While we gain more scientific knowledge and understanding about how the natural world works, have we also lost some of our wisdom? Soul Places is an inspiring wake-up call to re-discover our connection with the land and with ourselves.  

Exquisite observational cinematography of people in deep connection with the natural environment is mixed with interviews of indigenous elders, spiritual leaders, artists and scientists to provide insights on what caused this, how it affects us and what we need to do to come back into balance.

"Every living thing that seeks sustenance from our earth mother, is family"

Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere - 'Soul Places'

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Wisdom Keepers

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